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Basic info about the case

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Posted at HTO comments, Oct. 29, 2011: "in the near future", a new site focused on this case. Jill Behrmann
The Arrest and Conviction of John R. Myers II - Myers offered to take a polygraph exam, however that offer was refused.
Due to extensive media coverage of the case, Myers' attorney asked that the trial be moved to the southern end of the state. That request was denied, and it proceeded in Morgan County. Other controversial points concerning the trial were that evidence technician Jason Fajt was called to testify as a witness for the defense about evidence found in Behrman's bedroom, but he was unable to answer any questions as he was not present when Behrman's room was searched. The evidence technician who collected the evidence had moved to another state. Patrick Baker, the attorney representing Myers, opted to present very little in the way of a defense, stating that the State had not proven its case. Concerns also arose over juror conduct during the trial. Jurors were allowed to drink alcoholic beverages, access to cell phones and televisions and conducted themselves in a manner described by one juror as a "fraternity party like" atmosphere. Despite the lack of evidence, the jury returned a guilty verdict in less than one hour. Myers is currently appealing the verdict to the Indiana State Supreme Court.

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82 pg appeal

Opinion by the court of appeals in 2008.
"...a defendant is entitled to a fair trial, not a perfect trial. Concluding the imperfections in the murder trial of John Myers II did not deprive him of a fair trial, we affirm."

Taped Statement of John R. Myers II-

Photos -
Myers guilty of Berhman murder, Oct. 30, 2006  Search brings back memories of 2000 case

Myers’ lawyer files appeal in Behrman murder case -

Myers lawyer, Patrick V. Baker, issued a 6-month suspension October 28, 2011
Reader comments:
Patrick Baker, attorney  Bones Found In Woods Identified As Jill Behrman's Honda Civic CRX Honda Civic CRX  Familiar name in Behrman case resurfaces in Monroe court system [July 15, 2011]
Comments:  Crystal Grubb last seen late in Bloomington, Sept 18 2010. Her body was found 13 days later in a cornfield just outside the city.  Lauren Spierer disappeared from Bloomington on June 3, 2011
  HT Timeline, map of missing IU student, Lauren Spierer

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The John Myers case

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